Star Wars

S2 E4 Empires Fall

Rudely awoken by a summons from an angry Mon Mothma in the early hours of morning, the crew of the Sunstrider convene in the senator’s office where they also find Leia Organa waiting. One of the force sensitive children they have found on the space station had attempted to escape and fell, leading to the discovery that all those rescued by the Sunstrider crew had a cybernetic eye that was recording and transmitting data. Mon Mothma gives the team three hours to find a way to stop this security breach before the rest of the council wakes.

The team springs into action, Kaelyn scans the injured child to find the eye is powered by a rubbat crystal and the radiation from the crystal is slowly killing the host. Tamlyn and Mavv go to talk to Aishen who tried to use the force on Tamlyn to compel her to help him escape but he is thwarted by a team effort of Tam’s resistance and Mavv’s intervention. Aruuna and Kiri go to ask Sebastian if he knew of the technology of the recording eye and even though he had been ignoring his sister the presence of Aruuna, someone who had always been nice to him, gets a response, he had never heard of the technology but offers his help. Ikadi goes to talk to one of the children that she has a strong connection to and gets valuable insight into the two-way capabilities of the eyes. Aruuna then seeks out Kaelyn who then takes her scans to show Sebastian and the pair brainstorm a possible solution. Sebastian suggests an EMP blast would disable the eye so that it could be safely removed as removing a functioning eye would most likely result in the death of the host. Disabling the eye is a good solution but the team need to be able to track the signal to its source so an active eye somehow needs to be removed.

With rubbat crystals being sensitive to the force it is theorized that it may be possible to cleans the crystal of dark side influence and hopefully help to bring the host to the light side. Ikadi, Kaelyn and Tamlyn, along with master Skywalker first attempt to cleanse a tainted lightsaber crystal and are successful so then attempt the same ritual on the crystal in one of the children’s heads and once again they are successful, this then leads to the safe removal of the eye and its hardware from the child while keeping the system functional. Kaelyn and Aruuna then slice the eyes signal and see the bridge of a superstar destroyer and grand admiral Thrawn, who says the name Captain Rivs and then orders the bombardment of Kashyyyk. Suddenly the lights go out and emergency alarms sound, the team find themselves trapped in the medical bay with the sounds of blaster fire and light sabers coming the other side of the door but sadly when the crew get the door open all they find are empty cells and dead guards, and a summons from an angry Mon Mothma.



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