Star Wars

S2 E2/3 Empires Fall

Broken Toys.

All but Arruna, who stays with her badly wounded father Cham Syndulla, set off on a scouting mission to the Maw is search of the space station mentioned in the information Cham uncovered and possibly the rendezvous point for the remains of the imperial fleet. In the Maw the Sunstrider Crew strike it lucky by quickly finding the space station, there is no sight of the fleet, only six tie fighters that engage the YT2400 but thanks to the skill of pilot and crew the imperial fighters are destroyed. As Tamlyn brings the ship in to land inside one of the stations docking bays, the former Jedi Padawan and Inquisitor Ikadi thinks she senses through the force her former master and head inquisitor onboard the station but then the feeling passes.

Once onboard the station the intrepid crew find it deserted and in a low power mode but the force sensitives can feel life onboard. During their exploration of the imperial space station they find a room with a powered down droid and an active computer terminal that Kaelyn skillfully slices to find a list of names of thirty six people, including both Tamlyn and Mavv’s brothers as well as reference to a “failsafe” but no way to progress deeper into the secured areas of the station. Kaelyn next powers up the droid and Ikadi uses her remembered knowledge to successfully answer the droid’s questions in order to gain access to the core areas.

In the core of the station the crew is attacked by a light saber wielding child who badly wounds Mavv, both Kiri and Tamlyn shoot the child with blasters before Kaelyn fires her concussion cannon, a supposedly non-lethal weapon of her own devising, but proves fatal as the child had already suffered grievous wounds, the concussion almost knocks Tamlyn over the edge of a catwalk while leaving those others who were caught in the cannons area of effect temporary deaf. After the altercation, the crew find themselves facing a group of twenty-nine people ranging from young children to an adult who Tamlyn recognizes as her long lost twin brother Aishen, all of who are force sensitive and were being conditioned and trained to be inquisitors before they were abandoned on this station. After a long discussion among the crew and Aishen, it is revealed that there are more prisoners being held in a more secure area, deeper in the station and they decide to return to the Sunstrider to rest up and heal before attempting a rescue the next day.

Aishen accompanies the crew for the rescue and he leads them to a room that contains a console in the center that has six holocrons of different colors floating above it and on the far side of the room is a ray shielded passageway. Ikadi reaches out using the dark side of the force and finds she can interact with three of the cubes, the former inquisitor chooses to open the red cube and has a vision of a tall gray skinned man that she talks to. Kaelyn reaches out to open the green holocron and she has a vision of a tall elderly man with a beard. Ikadi reaches out with the force again and this time opens the orange holocron to have a vision of the same tall gray skinned alien. Finally Tamlyn reaches out, revealing her force sensitivity, and opens the blue holocron and also disabling the ray shield. The group pass into another room to find the two men from the visions being held in stasis chambers where Aishen destroys the console controlling the chamber imprisoning the tall gray skinned man and Kaelyn hacks the second terminal to release the elderly man. The gray skinned man grows bat wings and flies off with the elderly man in pursuit.

With nothing left to do the group return to the Sunstrider to report in and are ordered to return to the rebel fleet with the twenty nine abandoned force sensitives. When they arrive at the fleet the Sunstrider land on Home One where it is met by a large contingent of soldiers and the Jedi Master and hero of the rebellion Luke Skywalker, who take charge of the force sensitive refugees while a smaller group of guards arrest Sebastian Sunstrider for war crimes.



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