Star Wars

S2 E1 Empires Fall

Empty Air.

The Sunstrider crew get two new replacements, Tamlyn Rhede, the champion swoop racer and Kirilassa Sunstrider, the younger sister of Sebastian.

The team is given the mission to discover why no one can contact Ryloth. The rebels had recovered The Sunstrider and the team sets off in it to the planet.

Horror over Ryloth, the planet is an irradiated wasteland and the scans show no life signs, but the intrepid team land in hope of finding someone alive. During a ground search it is Kaelyn who finds survivors thanks to her emerging force powers. Thirty survivors are found in a cave, including Arruna‘s father Cham Syndulla. While Arruna is tending to her father he slips her a data drive that contains vital information on an empire operation called Operation Maw, that his rebels had recovered in a raid on an empire base.

Sadly only fifteen make it to the ship, where Kaelyn has converted one of the two cargo bays into a quarantine area.

Strife over Ryloth. It is discovered that the weapon that caused this destruction was designed by Sebastian. When Tamlyn goes to question the elder Sunstrider sibling, Kirilassa draws her blaster on the former swoop racer and a standoff begins until Sebastian diffuses the situation by offering to tell all he knows.

A rift between siblings. It is revealed that Sebastian helped design the Death Star weapon that would go on to destroy their home world of Alderaan.

The Sunstrider lands on Rodia with the survivors to get them medical care and Sebastian is placed under house arrest onboard The Sunstrider.



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