Star Wars

Empires Fall: Part Two.

Raxus Prime.

In the Raxus system the crew elects to go to the junkyard planet of Raxus prime. Where Lana and LE-V1 go to investigate a large tower, Kaelyn and Mhar’Li go in search of anything useful to repair the Sunstrider with and Aruuna defies LE-V1’s order to stay on the ship and goes exploring. Lana and LE-V1 were unable to gain entry into the tower, but the door had symbols on it that tugged at Lana’s lost memories. Meanwhile, Kaelyn and Mhar’Li were successful in finding a few replacement parts for the Sunstrider. When the crew regroups, Aruuna informs them of an old crashed clone wars era gunship she discovered that is being used as a habitation. On further investigation of the gunship the Sunstrider crew find an injured human, a very talkative and eccentric historian called Sebastian who has been investigating the tower but has also been unable to enter. The crew administer first aid and then agree to take Sebastian to Raxus Secondus for supplies and then assist him in entering and exploring the tower. On Raxus Secondus they also receive further information for their mission to sabotage Kuat Drive Yards in the form of a detailed map of the facilities’ interior. All the Sunstrider crew need now is a plan.



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