Star Wars

Empires Fall: Part Three.

The Kuat Station Incident.

The Group has come up with a plan to enter Kuat Drive Yards and sabotage the computer core using computer spikes borrowed from Sebastian. Aruuna was able to make contact with the local resistance to get identity passes to enter Kuat Drive Yards and the resistance contact, The Krayt Hound, put the team in contact with Mavv, a Mirialan imperial science officer who will assist them. The mission looks to be in jeopardy before it gets started when the local resistance take Aruuna and LE-V1 hostage to ensure the rest of the Sunstrider team do not betray them. Kaelyn, Lana, Mavv and Mhar’Li all board the workers shuttle from Raxus Secondus to Kuat Drive Yards but when they get to the station more jeopardy. The strange looking alien from Maz Kanada’s castle, along with a high ranking imperial officer are waiting at the security station and pulling every Mirialan out of line, including Lana and Mavv. Kaelyn and Mhar’Li make through security to perform the mission while all the Mirialan are take away to be interviewed by the two imperials. Mavv tries her best to stall the imperials when she is interviewed before Lana but eventually she is released to her duties. Meanwhile the two remaining members of the team make it safely to the computer core with the assistance of the local resistance. During Lana’s interview the strange alien, who the imperial officer calls Brother Twelve, says that he is an Inquisitor and that she is one as well. While Kaelyn is slicing the Kuat mainframe she gets contacted by Mavv, informing her of what has transpired and asking for help. When Kaelyn attempts to create a distraction she inadvertently sends the reactor critical. Lana is able to make her move when the alarms sound and she stabs the inquisitor and escapes by stealing the Inquisitors personal Tie fighter. Kaelyn and Mhar’Li run to the shuttle hangar where they steal a special forces Tie fighter and also pick up Mavv who had also gone to the shuttle bay to steal transport. As the Tie fighter lifts off, Mhar’Li spots imperial storm troopers preventing the workers from boarding the shuttles so she uses the fighter’s weapons to clear a path for the workers to escape. The two Tie fighters are fast enough to escape the explosion when the reactor goes critical but the slower shuttles are not, resulting a large loss of life. On Raxus Secondus a team of Partisan soldiers rescue Aruuna and LE-V1 and the team is reunited in the spaceport when Lana and Mhar’Li land their stolen Tie’s along with the Partisan’s ships.



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