Star Wars

Empires Fall: Part Six

Battle Over Corellia.

While the others are on Raxus Prime, Kaelyn and Mhar’Li are about to join in the battle for Corellia as members of the newly reformed Blue Squadron whose current members are;
Blue Leader. Mhar’Li, X wing.
Blue One, Shara Bey. Nora Wexley Gunner. Arc 170
Blue Two, Evann Verlaine, X wing
Blue Three, Billy. X wing
Blue Four, Jethro. X wing
Blue Five, Kaelyn. B wing.
Blue squadron’s mission is to fight their way onto the lead star destroyer and bring it down by any means.
When the squad fights a squad of Tie Fighters the Arc 170 gets damaged and looks to be in peril as it floats dead in space. A catastrophe is averted by the speedy repair skills of the veteran crew and soon the old clone wars era fighter is back in action.
No sooner than the first group of Tie Fighters have been dispatched when Blue squadron finds a second group of tie fighters in their way. During this fight the force is with Mhar’Li when she is saved from doom by Billy who sacrifices himself to save her. The two B wings make a run for the star destroyer while the remainder of blue squad keep the tie fighters busy. Once again the force is with blue leader, this time from the super weapon fired by the lead star destroyer that had targeted Mhar’Li but found Jethro instead. In the meantime, blue two and blue five fight their way into one of the star destroyers hangar bays where Kaelyn then hacks into a nearby terminal using a data spike and in a repeat of the Kuat Drive Yards incident she sets the main reactor to overload, deliberately this time. The star destroyer explodes while blue squad races to safety and it is a victory for the rebellion.



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