Star Wars

Empires Fall: Part One

Escape from Takodana.

After narrowly escaping an imperial star destroyer, Captain Mhar’Li lands her battle scarred freighter at Maz Kanada’s castle with the hope of finding someone to give the information she acquired to. She meets Lana, a Mirialan information broker who puts the captain in contact with a rebel alliance contact as well as a ships mechanic, Kaelyn a Mandoralian and her friends, the Twi’Lek Arruna and the droid LE-V1. They receive a mission to sabotage Kuat Drive Yards in exchange for the location of the rebel alliance headquarters, but as the new crew of the Sunstrider prepare for departure two imperial Tie fighters land at the castle, with one of the imperial pilots being an alien of unknown origin. Once again, the Sunstrider is running with a star destroyer in hot pursuit. The crew escape by the skin of their teeth into hyperspace but disaster, when they emerge from hyperspace they still have imperial pursuit and the overtaxed lightspeed drive fails when they try to jump away, leaving the ship drifting and without power. Ace mechanic Kaelyn gets the ship up and running again and the Sunstrider jumps safely into hyperspace. When the ship emerges from hyperspace at Ilum among many imperial ships catastrophe is once again averted by Kaelyn, who reprograms the Sunstrider’s identity beacon, renaming the ship the Moldy Mynoch and piloted by Captain Longbottom. With some fast talking by Arruna the ship lands on Ilum, where, with the ‘donation’ of Corellian Brandy and some bluffing the crew manages to continue their journey to Kuat Drive Yards in the Raxus system.



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