Star Wars

Empires Fall: Part Five

Regrets and Revelations.

With Kaelyn and Mhar’Li staying to fight for the rebellion the remainder of the crew fly the Sunstrider back to the Raxus System. Where they find the surface of Raxus Secondus has been ravaged by weapon whose power hasn’t been seen since the destruction of the Deathstar. The only signs of life are scavengers who are picking through the remains of starships in a debris field that now surrounds the planet.
When the crew contact a ship that is scavenging the debris field both Aruuna and LE-V1 are horrified to recognize the voice the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who they owe a considerable amount of credits to for his part in helping them escape a Hutt. Hondo’s pirates slice the Sunstrider’s modified beacon and know the ship is not The Moldy Mynock and the captain is not Longbottom.
The Sunstrider crew decide to give the pirates a wide berth and land on Raxus Prime, next to the tower they had previously attempted to enter. At the tower they find Hondo’s pirates are already there and trying to break through the tower’s entrance. Aruuna and LE-V1 remain hidden onboard the Sunstrider while Lana, Mavv, Sebastian and HK-47 go to talk to the pirates and after a brief negotiation with Hondo via the pirates, during which Hondo points out he knows that Aruuna and LE-V1 are onboard, the two teams join forces to explore the tower.
The first attempt to enter results in the brief skirmish with some magnadroids after one of the pirates presses the wrong button on the door. When Lana is successful in answering the riddles posed by the door computer they enter without further incident. Lana leads the combined group through the tower into a central chamber with three doors ahead of them. Everyone has their own individual vision of a small being who explains the doors to them and bids each person to enter their selected door, where each experiences moment’s from their pasts. After the visions, they all find themselves back in the chamber, only this time the walls are lined with statues of Jedi and Sith, all holding holocron’s that each of the crew can take one as a reward. When HK-47 takes the holocron that is in the hands of his former master, Revan, the restraining bolt falls off and the assassin droid opens fire on the rest of the crew. After a short fight, HK-47 falls backwards through one of the doors and vanishes.
The group makes it out of the tower just in time to see the Sunstrider flying away, having been stolen by HK-47, and Hondo standing on the boarding ramp of his ship. Hondo informs Aruuna that half of the debt she owes Hondo has been paid and that he has a message from the mysterious benefactor, while LE-V1 offers to work for Hondo to cover the price that the pirate is asking to fly the group off the planet.



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