Star Wars

Empires Fall: Part Four.

Rebellious Homecoming.

Over the past week since the mission to sabotage Kuat Drive Yards, tension between the people of Raxus Secondus and the Partisans has turned into open hostility. Meanwhile aboard the Sunstrider, the crew, including new member Mavv, all struggle with the events of the previous week. Aruuna, Lana and LE-V1 all go to make peace with a very angry and disappointed Sebastian who, along with his new bodyguard droid HK 47, rejoin the crew, but plans to attempt to enter the strange tower on Raxus Prime are stalled by the arrival of an Imperial fleet.
When the Partisans go to meet the fleet in combat and while the Sunstrider makes a run for it, Kaelyn learns the imperial fleet is commanded by a Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Sunstrider makes the jump to hyperspace without incident and emerges in the Felucia system where Captain Mhar’Li makes the argument they could take the information she has, to the rebel alliance located in the Ileenium system while the battle is going on. It takes two weeks to travel to the planet D’Qar in the Ileenium system where they find the headquarters of the rebel alliance. The former rebel pilot Mhar’Li gets welcomed as a hero rather than her expected arrest. Admiral Garm Bel Iblis asks for the crew of the Sunstrider to join the alliance in the battle for Corellia only Mhar’Li and Kaelyn accept.



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