Star Wars

S2 E4 Empires Fall

Rudely awoken by a summons from an angry Mon Mothma in the early hours of morning, the crew of the Sunstrider convene in the senator’s office where they also find Leia Organa waiting. One of the force sensitive children they have found on the space station had attempted to escape and fell, leading to the discovery that all those rescued by the Sunstrider crew had a cybernetic eye that was recording and transmitting data. Mon Mothma gives the team three hours to find a way to stop this security breach before the rest of the council wakes.

The team springs into action, Kaelyn scans the injured child to find the eye is powered by a rubbat crystal and the radiation from the crystal is slowly killing the host. Tamlyn and Mavv go to talk to Aishen who tried to use the force on Tamlyn to compel her to help him escape but he is thwarted by a team effort of Tam’s resistance and Mavv’s intervention. Aruuna and Kiri go to ask Sebastian if he knew of the technology of the recording eye and even though he had been ignoring his sister the presence of Aruuna, someone who had always been nice to him, gets a response, he had never heard of the technology but offers his help. Ikadi goes to talk to one of the children that she has a strong connection to and gets valuable insight into the two-way capabilities of the eyes. Aruuna then seeks out Kaelyn who then takes her scans to show Sebastian and the pair brainstorm a possible solution. Sebastian suggests an EMP blast would disable the eye so that it could be safely removed as removing a functioning eye would most likely result in the death of the host. Disabling the eye is a good solution but the team need to be able to track the signal to its source so an active eye somehow needs to be removed.

With rubbat crystals being sensitive to the force it is theorized that it may be possible to cleans the crystal of dark side influence and hopefully help to bring the host to the light side. Ikadi, Kaelyn and Tamlyn, along with master Skywalker first attempt to cleanse a tainted lightsaber crystal and are successful so then attempt the same ritual on the crystal in one of the children’s heads and once again they are successful, this then leads to the safe removal of the eye and its hardware from the child while keeping the system functional. Kaelyn and Aruuna then slice the eyes signal and see the bridge of a superstar destroyer and grand admiral Thrawn, who says the name Captain Rivs and then orders the bombardment of Kashyyyk. Suddenly the lights go out and emergency alarms sound, the team find themselves trapped in the medical bay with the sounds of blaster fire and light sabers coming the other side of the door but sadly when the crew get the door open all they find are empty cells and dead guards, and a summons from an angry Mon Mothma.

S2 E2/3 Empires Fall
Broken Toys.

All but Arruna, who stays with her badly wounded father Cham Syndulla, set off on a scouting mission to the Maw is search of the space station mentioned in the information Cham uncovered and possibly the rendezvous point for the remains of the imperial fleet. In the Maw the Sunstrider Crew strike it lucky by quickly finding the space station, there is no sight of the fleet, only six tie fighters that engage the YT2400 but thanks to the skill of pilot and crew the imperial fighters are destroyed. As Tamlyn brings the ship in to land inside one of the stations docking bays, the former Jedi Padawan and Inquisitor Ikadi thinks she senses through the force her former master and head inquisitor onboard the station but then the feeling passes.

Once onboard the station the intrepid crew find it deserted and in a low power mode but the force sensitives can feel life onboard. During their exploration of the imperial space station they find a room with a powered down droid and an active computer terminal that Kaelyn skillfully slices to find a list of names of thirty six people, including both Tamlyn and Mavv’s brothers as well as reference to a “failsafe” but no way to progress deeper into the secured areas of the station. Kaelyn next powers up the droid and Ikadi uses her remembered knowledge to successfully answer the droid’s questions in order to gain access to the core areas.

In the core of the station the crew is attacked by a light saber wielding child who badly wounds Mavv, both Kiri and Tamlyn shoot the child with blasters before Kaelyn fires her concussion cannon, a supposedly non-lethal weapon of her own devising, but proves fatal as the child had already suffered grievous wounds, the concussion almost knocks Tamlyn over the edge of a catwalk while leaving those others who were caught in the cannons area of effect temporary deaf. After the altercation, the crew find themselves facing a group of twenty-nine people ranging from young children to an adult who Tamlyn recognizes as her long lost twin brother Aishen, all of who are force sensitive and were being conditioned and trained to be inquisitors before they were abandoned on this station. After a long discussion among the crew and Aishen, it is revealed that there are more prisoners being held in a more secure area, deeper in the station and they decide to return to the Sunstrider to rest up and heal before attempting a rescue the next day.

Aishen accompanies the crew for the rescue and he leads them to a room that contains a console in the center that has six holocrons of different colors floating above it and on the far side of the room is a ray shielded passageway. Ikadi reaches out using the dark side of the force and finds she can interact with three of the cubes, the former inquisitor chooses to open the red cube and has a vision of a tall gray skinned man that she talks to. Kaelyn reaches out to open the green holocron and she has a vision of a tall elderly man with a beard. Ikadi reaches out with the force again and this time opens the orange holocron to have a vision of the same tall gray skinned alien. Finally Tamlyn reaches out, revealing her force sensitivity, and opens the blue holocron and also disabling the ray shield. The group pass into another room to find the two men from the visions being held in stasis chambers where Aishen destroys the console controlling the chamber imprisoning the tall gray skinned man and Kaelyn hacks the second terminal to release the elderly man. The gray skinned man grows bat wings and flies off with the elderly man in pursuit.

With nothing left to do the group return to the Sunstrider to report in and are ordered to return to the rebel fleet with the twenty nine abandoned force sensitives. When they arrive at the fleet the Sunstrider land on Home One where it is met by a large contingent of soldiers and the Jedi Master and hero of the rebellion Luke Skywalker, who take charge of the force sensitive refugees while a smaller group of guards arrest Sebastian Sunstrider for war crimes.

S2 E1 Empires Fall
Empty Air.

The Sunstrider crew get two new replacements, Tamlyn Rhede, the champion swoop racer and Kirilassa Sunstrider, the younger sister of Sebastian.

The team is given the mission to discover why no one can contact Ryloth. The rebels had recovered The Sunstrider and the team sets off in it to the planet.

Horror over Ryloth, the planet is an irradiated wasteland and the scans show no life signs, but the intrepid team land in hope of finding someone alive. During a ground search it is Kaelyn who finds survivors thanks to her emerging force powers. Thirty survivors are found in a cave, including Arruna‘s father Cham Syndulla. While Arruna is tending to her father he slips her a data drive that contains vital information on an empire operation called Operation Maw, that his rebels had recovered in a raid on an empire base.

Sadly only fifteen make it to the ship, where Kaelyn has converted one of the two cargo bays into a quarantine area.

Strife over Ryloth. It is discovered that the weapon that caused this destruction was designed by Sebastian. When Tamlyn goes to question the elder Sunstrider sibling, Kirilassa draws her blaster on the former swoop racer and a standoff begins until Sebastian diffuses the situation by offering to tell all he knows.

A rift between siblings. It is revealed that Sebastian helped design the Death Star weapon that would go on to destroy their home world of Alderaan.

The Sunstrider lands on Rodia with the survivors to get them medical care and Sebastian is placed under house arrest onboard The Sunstrider.

Empires Fall: Part Six
Battle Over Corellia.

While the others are on Raxus Prime, Kaelyn and Mhar’Li are about to join in the battle for Corellia as members of the newly reformed Blue Squadron whose current members are;
Blue Leader. Mhar’Li, X wing.
Blue One, Shara Bey. Nora Wexley Gunner. Arc 170
Blue Two, Evann Verlaine, X wing
Blue Three, Billy. X wing
Blue Four, Jethro. X wing
Blue Five, Kaelyn. B wing.
Blue squadron’s mission is to fight their way onto the lead star destroyer and bring it down by any means.
When the squad fights a squad of Tie Fighters the Arc 170 gets damaged and looks to be in peril as it floats dead in space. A catastrophe is averted by the speedy repair skills of the veteran crew and soon the old clone wars era fighter is back in action.
No sooner than the first group of Tie Fighters have been dispatched when Blue squadron finds a second group of tie fighters in their way. During this fight the force is with Mhar’Li when she is saved from doom by Billy who sacrifices himself to save her. The two B wings make a run for the star destroyer while the remainder of blue squad keep the tie fighters busy. Once again the force is with blue leader, this time from the super weapon fired by the lead star destroyer that had targeted Mhar’Li but found Jethro instead. In the meantime, blue two and blue five fight their way into one of the star destroyers hangar bays where Kaelyn then hacks into a nearby terminal using a data spike and in a repeat of the Kuat Drive Yards incident she sets the main reactor to overload, deliberately this time. The star destroyer explodes while blue squad races to safety and it is a victory for the rebellion.

Empires Fall: Part Five
Regrets and Revelations.

With Kaelyn and Mhar’Li staying to fight for the rebellion the remainder of the crew fly the Sunstrider back to the Raxus System. Where they find the surface of Raxus Secondus has been ravaged by weapon whose power hasn’t been seen since the destruction of the Deathstar. The only signs of life are scavengers who are picking through the remains of starships in a debris field that now surrounds the planet.
When the crew contact a ship that is scavenging the debris field both Aruuna and LE-V1 are horrified to recognize the voice the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who they owe a considerable amount of credits to for his part in helping them escape a Hutt. Hondo’s pirates slice the Sunstrider’s modified beacon and know the ship is not The Moldy Mynock and the captain is not Longbottom.
The Sunstrider crew decide to give the pirates a wide berth and land on Raxus Prime, next to the tower they had previously attempted to enter. At the tower they find Hondo’s pirates are already there and trying to break through the tower’s entrance. Aruuna and LE-V1 remain hidden onboard the Sunstrider while Lana, Mavv, Sebastian and HK-47 go to talk to the pirates and after a brief negotiation with Hondo via the pirates, during which Hondo points out he knows that Aruuna and LE-V1 are onboard, the two teams join forces to explore the tower.
The first attempt to enter results in the brief skirmish with some magnadroids after one of the pirates presses the wrong button on the door. When Lana is successful in answering the riddles posed by the door computer they enter without further incident. Lana leads the combined group through the tower into a central chamber with three doors ahead of them. Everyone has their own individual vision of a small being who explains the doors to them and bids each person to enter their selected door, where each experiences moment’s from their pasts. After the visions, they all find themselves back in the chamber, only this time the walls are lined with statues of Jedi and Sith, all holding holocron’s that each of the crew can take one as a reward. When HK-47 takes the holocron that is in the hands of his former master, Revan, the restraining bolt falls off and the assassin droid opens fire on the rest of the crew. After a short fight, HK-47 falls backwards through one of the doors and vanishes.
The group makes it out of the tower just in time to see the Sunstrider flying away, having been stolen by HK-47, and Hondo standing on the boarding ramp of his ship. Hondo informs Aruuna that half of the debt she owes Hondo has been paid and that he has a message from the mysterious benefactor, while LE-V1 offers to work for Hondo to cover the price that the pirate is asking to fly the group off the planet.

Empires Fall: Part Four.
Rebellious Homecoming.

Over the past week since the mission to sabotage Kuat Drive Yards, tension between the people of Raxus Secondus and the Partisans has turned into open hostility. Meanwhile aboard the Sunstrider, the crew, including new member Mavv, all struggle with the events of the previous week. Aruuna, Lana and LE-V1 all go to make peace with a very angry and disappointed Sebastian who, along with his new bodyguard droid HK 47, rejoin the crew, but plans to attempt to enter the strange tower on Raxus Prime are stalled by the arrival of an Imperial fleet.
When the Partisans go to meet the fleet in combat and while the Sunstrider makes a run for it, Kaelyn learns the imperial fleet is commanded by a Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Sunstrider makes the jump to hyperspace without incident and emerges in the Felucia system where Captain Mhar’Li makes the argument they could take the information she has, to the rebel alliance located in the Ileenium system while the battle is going on. It takes two weeks to travel to the planet D’Qar in the Ileenium system where they find the headquarters of the rebel alliance. The former rebel pilot Mhar’Li gets welcomed as a hero rather than her expected arrest. Admiral Garm Bel Iblis asks for the crew of the Sunstrider to join the alliance in the battle for Corellia only Mhar’Li and Kaelyn accept.

Empires Fall: Part Three.
The Kuat Station Incident.

The Group has come up with a plan to enter Kuat Drive Yards and sabotage the computer core using computer spikes borrowed from Sebastian. Aruuna was able to make contact with the local resistance to get identity passes to enter Kuat Drive Yards and the resistance contact, The Krayt Hound, put the team in contact with Mavv, a Mirialan imperial science officer who will assist them. The mission looks to be in jeopardy before it gets started when the local resistance take Aruuna and LE-V1 hostage to ensure the rest of the Sunstrider team do not betray them. Kaelyn, Lana, Mavv and Mhar’Li all board the workers shuttle from Raxus Secondus to Kuat Drive Yards but when they get to the station more jeopardy. The strange looking alien from Maz Kanada’s castle, along with a high ranking imperial officer are waiting at the security station and pulling every Mirialan out of line, including Lana and Mavv. Kaelyn and Mhar’Li make through security to perform the mission while all the Mirialan are take away to be interviewed by the two imperials. Mavv tries her best to stall the imperials when she is interviewed before Lana but eventually she is released to her duties. Meanwhile the two remaining members of the team make it safely to the computer core with the assistance of the local resistance. During Lana’s interview the strange alien, who the imperial officer calls Brother Twelve, says that he is an Inquisitor and that she is one as well. While Kaelyn is slicing the Kuat mainframe she gets contacted by Mavv, informing her of what has transpired and asking for help. When Kaelyn attempts to create a distraction she inadvertently sends the reactor critical. Lana is able to make her move when the alarms sound and she stabs the inquisitor and escapes by stealing the Inquisitors personal Tie fighter. Kaelyn and Mhar’Li run to the shuttle hangar where they steal a special forces Tie fighter and also pick up Mavv who had also gone to the shuttle bay to steal transport. As the Tie fighter lifts off, Mhar’Li spots imperial storm troopers preventing the workers from boarding the shuttles so she uses the fighter’s weapons to clear a path for the workers to escape. The two Tie fighters are fast enough to escape the explosion when the reactor goes critical but the slower shuttles are not, resulting a large loss of life. On Raxus Secondus a team of Partisan soldiers rescue Aruuna and LE-V1 and the team is reunited in the spaceport when Lana and Mhar’Li land their stolen Tie’s along with the Partisan’s ships.

Empires Fall: Part Two.
Raxus Prime.

In the Raxus system the crew elects to go to the junkyard planet of Raxus prime. Where Lana and LE-V1 go to investigate a large tower, Kaelyn and Mhar’Li go in search of anything useful to repair the Sunstrider with and Aruuna defies LE-V1’s order to stay on the ship and goes exploring. Lana and LE-V1 were unable to gain entry into the tower, but the door had symbols on it that tugged at Lana’s lost memories. Meanwhile, Kaelyn and Mhar’Li were successful in finding a few replacement parts for the Sunstrider. When the crew regroups, Aruuna informs them of an old crashed clone wars era gunship she discovered that is being used as a habitation. On further investigation of the gunship the Sunstrider crew find an injured human, a very talkative and eccentric historian called Sebastian who has been investigating the tower but has also been unable to enter. The crew administer first aid and then agree to take Sebastian to Raxus Secondus for supplies and then assist him in entering and exploring the tower. On Raxus Secondus they also receive further information for their mission to sabotage Kuat Drive Yards in the form of a detailed map of the facilities’ interior. All the Sunstrider crew need now is a plan.

Empires Fall: Part One
Escape from Takodana.

After narrowly escaping an imperial star destroyer, Captain Mhar’Li lands her battle scarred freighter at Maz Kanada’s castle with the hope of finding someone to give the information she acquired to. She meets Lana, a Mirialan information broker who puts the captain in contact with a rebel alliance contact as well as a ships mechanic, Kaelyn a Mandoralian and her friends, the Twi’Lek Arruna and the droid LE-V1. They receive a mission to sabotage Kuat Drive Yards in exchange for the location of the rebel alliance headquarters, but as the new crew of the Sunstrider prepare for departure two imperial Tie fighters land at the castle, with one of the imperial pilots being an alien of unknown origin. Once again, the Sunstrider is running with a star destroyer in hot pursuit. The crew escape by the skin of their teeth into hyperspace but disaster, when they emerge from hyperspace they still have imperial pursuit and the overtaxed lightspeed drive fails when they try to jump away, leaving the ship drifting and without power. Ace mechanic Kaelyn gets the ship up and running again and the Sunstrider jumps safely into hyperspace. When the ship emerges from hyperspace at Ilum among many imperial ships catastrophe is once again averted by Kaelyn, who reprograms the Sunstrider’s identity beacon, renaming the ship the Moldy Mynoch and piloted by Captain Longbottom. With some fast talking by Arruna the ship lands on Ilum, where, with the ‘donation’ of Corellian Brandy and some bluffing the crew manages to continue their journey to Kuat Drive Yards in the Raxus system.


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